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Fuel For Schools: Skyros Holidays Launch A Greek Island Support Fund

Skyros in Summer

Press Release Issued March 2013
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Skyros, the leading holistic holiday company, has just set up the Skyros Island Support Fund with the specific aim of raising €20,000 for heating the Greek island's schools, clinic and nursing home during the winter of 2013/14. This became necessary due to lack of funds as Greek government subsidies for the purpose have all but dried up. 

Skyros Holidays has, for decades, enjoyed a somewhat symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with its host island. The local community has always benefited from the company's policy to 'buy local' in the form of goods, services and in the provision of employment. In addition, Skyros Holidays has often contributed directly towards various projects that have benefited the island. They include the purchase of computers for Skyros' local school, new medical equipment for its Health Centre, the refurbishment of its school theatre, the protection of its magnificent pine forest or the care for the island's cats and dogs. 

Skyros Holidays Initiative
However, as the current situation in Greece creates new problems for the locals, Skyros Holidays will be taking this approach one step further. The organisation intends to raise sufficient funds by the end of the summer to buy fuel for the island's three schools, its clinic and its nursing home for this winter, which in Skyros can be as chilly as in Scotland.

Skyros in Winter

Charity, it is often said, begins at home but, for Skyros Holidays and the thousands who have joined a Skyros holiday over the years, Skyros island, Greece, is so much more than a pleasant holiday destination.                             

Skyros Holidays Invitation
Skyros Holidays has an open invitation for others to get involved in helping them achieve their aim. People are invited to use the skills they honed on their Skyros holiday and hold a cabaret, raffle their artwork or run a dance class. It doesn't have to be grandiose or fantastical, simple is plenty and direct donations are always welcome. Any amount will help the local Skyrian community this winter. 

People who would like to contribute, whether through raising funds through group activities or making direct contributions, can contact the Skyros Island Support Fund at
9 Eastcliff Road
Isle of Wight PO37 6AA.

Skyros Holidays
Skyros is the leading provider of alternative holidays and offers inspirational holidays in Greece, Thailand, Cambodia, Cuba and the UK, with a wide range of activities including yoga, windsurfing, life coaching, creative writing, music and salsa.

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