Poros in the Saronic Gulf Islands of Greece is an easy day trip from Athens and this page gives details of ferries and what to do on Poros.

The island of Poros is almost a part of the Peloponnese, being separated from the mainland by a narrow channel, just 400m (1312ft) across at its narrowest point.

Poros Town on Poros in the Saronic Gulf Islands near Athens in GreecePoros Town

The channel gives the island its name, as Poros means a passage, and small boats chug back and forth all day taking people between Poros Town and the tiny mainland town of Galatas. From here it is possible to catch buses to places such as Epidavros and Nafplion, making Poros a convenient base for a few days. It is also a popular and very easy day trip from Athens, with regular ferries from Piraeus.

Poros Town

As well as access to the mainland, Poros provides two islands for the price of one. Sferia, on which Poros Town stands, is separated from the much larger Kalavria by a small causeway. Poros Town is a very popular tourist destination, for cruise ships, for weekending Athenians and for European package holidaymakers, despite the island’s lack of good beaches.

The town is still very attractive, though, with its mix of white and pastel-coloured houses like a jigsaw on the hillside above the harbour. The waterfront is a lively place, filled with bars and restaurants, and is certainly the place to be if you want a good night out.

Fishmonger selling octopus in Poros Town on Poros in the Saronic Gulf Islands near Athens in GreeceFresh Octopus on Sale in Poros Town

What to Do on Poros

For a quieter time, you can walk or cycle along the single main road that loops around the main island, Kalavria. This takes you past the quiet little 18th-century monastery of Zoödochou Pigis, right by the sea but no longer inhabited. Higher up on this wooded and hilly little island are the scant remains of what was the Temple of Poseidon, dating from the 6th century BC and on open access to anyone who makes the small effort to get there. 

When you have fully explored Poros, which won’t take long, make the short boat across to Galatas on the Peloponnese mainland. From here, turn left from the quiet harbour and walk until you reach the wonderful lemon groves of Limonodassos. There are tens of thousands of lemon trees here, no one seems to know for sure exactly how many, but it is a wonderful experience to stroll up the gentle hills, through the groves, taking in the scent of lemon on the gentle breeze.

Poros Town on Poros in the Saronic Gulf Islands near Athens in GreecePoros Town

Ferries from Poros to Galatas
Ferries from Poros to Galatas run 24 hours, and normally leave every 15 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes during the night.

Getting to Poros

Flights to Poros
To get to Poros you must fly to Athens and then take the ferry from Piraeus.

Ferries to Poros
There are several ferries a day from Athens (Piraeus) to Poros. You can choose between the regular ferry and the flying dolphin service. The regular ferry is cheaper but takes about 2hrs 15mins while the flying dolphin is more expensive but will get you to Poros in one hour.

Ferries in Greece

Ferries in Greece has an excellent and very thorough website where, in addition to checking ferry schedules and times, you can also book tickets and get lots of useful information about travelling by ferry in Greece.

Where is Poros?

Google Map showing location of Poros in the Saronic Gulf Islands near Athens in Greece(c) Google Maps

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